What We Did For April Vacation…

We know that lots of our patrons were away this week, off to distant places to enjoy their April vacations. For those of us who stayed closer to home, this past week has been a total blast! We had events Monday-Thursday, and we were so happy that many of you came to visit us for a program or two. Our week was very exciting. Monday we got creative with LEGO bricks. On Tuesday, we squished and squashed our way through a Play-Doh afternoon. Wednesday was a free book bonanza at Book Bingo! The final day of programming was Thursday, where we got our hands dirty making crazy hair paintings and planting our own grass seed! What a week. Thanks to all who participated in these great events. See tomorrow for Author Fest (May 2nd), Siete de Mayo (May 7th), Recess at the Library (May 14th), and the Butterfly Guy (May 16th). Check out the photos of our jam-packed week below!

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