The Nest

thenest If you’re looking for a story to make your hair stand on end, look no further than Kenneth Oppel’s 2015 book The Nest. Fans of Neil Gaiman will likely find similarities in style and subject; the book is sufficiently fantastical and eerie (it definitely creeped this librarian out!). Nuanced and well-written, the story follows Steven, an anxious boy with some obsessive-compulsive tendencies, as he handles the new changes in his family: his mother has just had a brand-new baby, but the baby has seemingly-insurmountable health problems. Very few specifics are ever mentioned in the book, but when Steven’s typical nightmares are replaced by soothing dreams of angels that want to “fix” the baby, at first he feels comforted by their presence and words. As time goes on, Steven begins to see things as they really are, questioning the angels and their motives. The build-up to the book’s climactic moment is intense, and I found I could NOT put this book down! It’ll send chills down your spine as it explores psychological and moral themes. I loved this book (I loved it so much I just had to write my review!), but be advised that it’s not for the faint of heart. – Miss Courtney

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