Storytime is in Session

We’re delighted you’ve come to Storytime!

Playing games with Miss Eileen! Here are a few guidelines for an enjoyable experience: * Please arrive five minutes early to fill out a name tag for your child. * Please sit with your child on the floor to model and participate throughout the activities. * Please save snacks for outside the library. No food or drinks are allowed. *Please turn off all cell phones. * Please help us ensure that everyone enjoys Storytime by taking your child outside the room for a moment if they become upset or loud enough to disrupt the program. You’re welcome to rejoin us as soon as your child has caught their breath. If you see this sign on the door… 033 Storytime is already in session and we ask you to join us the following week, as to not disrupt the class. All of our weekly Storytimes begin promptly at 10:00 a.m. Please help us make sure that your child and all of the other families have a wonderful experience by being on time. We understand that parking is limited and can be problematic, so please give yourself ample time to find a parking place and fill out a name tag before class. Thanks for your help. We look forward to seeing you!

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