Stories for Sleepyheads

Did you know that throughout the library, you’ll find interesting book displays of all kinds? Down in the Children’s Room, we’ve got quite a few different displays going to try and entice readers to check out something new. When we were brainstorming what a good display for winter might be, the idea of being warm and cozy popped up quite a few times. What’s cozier than a bedtime story? Whether you read by the fire in a favorite armchair or perch on your child’s bed as they drift to sleep, there are few comforts that can match those special moments right before bed. If you’re looking for something new to read, we’ve got some GREAT ideas for you! bedtimestoriesdisplay Choose from classics (like Bedtime for Frances), or choose something silly (like Max & Ruby’s Bedtime Book). Choose something touching and sweet (like Baby Bedtime), or choose something all ages will enjoy (like Sleepy Bears). Whatever you choose is sure to be a hit! If it isn’t, you can always return it to try something different. If you’re in a hurry, you can grab our handy Bedtime Stories book bag! Filled with five beautiful books for bedtime, there’s sure to be something in there to satisfy any reader. bedtimestoriesbag Of course, ANY book can be a bedtime story! We have 40 book bags to choose from (Dinosaurs, Zoo, Outer Space, Mermaids, Fairy Tales, Dancing, ABCs… the list goes on!). Each bag contains five books. That’s five nights of stories! We’re always getting brand new books, too. Come on in and see what we’ve added lately!

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