Sensory Storytime

Sensory_Storytime_Intro Sensory storytime is designed for children ages 3 – 7 with autism spectrum disorders and other developmental disabilities. Children who are developmentally at a preschool/kindergarten level (and their families!) are invited to attend this interactive storytime featuring stories, activities, music, and movement. If a traditional storytime is not the right setting for your child, this might be a better fit!
  • Sensory Storytime takes place on occasional Saturdays from 10-11 am. Upcoming sessions:
    • March 12th
    • April 23rd
    • May 14th
  • The program itself will last approximately half an hour, with additional time for playing and socializing.
  • Caretakers must be present for the duration of the program.
  • Registration is required to ensure small groups. Please register using our online calendar, at the Children’s Room desk, or by calling us at 603-432-6140.
You might want to download a copy of our social story, This is My Library, to introduce your child to the library. You can also view This is My Library as a slideshow here.
Please note that this storytime is inclusive, not exclusive. All children are welcome to attend any of our programs for their age level. Rather, this is an opportunity for children who might have trouble sitting through a more traditional storytime. Don’t worry about your child’s behavior disrupting Sensory Storytime–everyone attending will be in a welcoming and accepting environment. While Sensory Storytime is designed with certain disabilities in mind, all children are welcome to join us! 🙂


  • Tricia Reply

    That is a great idea Nicole

  • nhrhythmsofgrace Reply

    Posted this on our Facebook page nhrhythmsofgrace. Great social opportunity for both children and parents!

    • DPL Kids Reply

      Thank you so much! 🙂

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