Meet your librarian: Miss Nicole

Today we’re interviewing Miss Nicole, a librarian you will probably recognize from the Children’s Room! She’s here each day making sure our department runs smoothly. We’d love for you to ask any additional questions that you may have by adding a comment. Be on the lookout for more librarian interviews in the future! Now, let’s learn a bit about Miss Nicole. Hi, Miss Nicole! We’re so glad to have this chance to learn more about you and your role at our library. Can you please remind us of your job here in the Children’s Department and when you started working here? Hi! Thanks for taking the time to interview me.   I started working at the Derry Public Library as Head of Children’s Services on June 23rd, 2014 – the first day of the Summer Reading Program! It was great to start at such a busy time when I could meet so many of our patrons. Tell us a little bit about what you do on a typical day. I do so many different things here that I’m not sure I have a “typical” day! I generally come in and check my email, then start working on various projects. This can include planning an upcoming program; reading reviews to find new materials for the Children’s collection; creating the Children’s Department schedule; and attending meetings. I think the only typical thing about my days is that I’m always busy! What is something you’ve been able to do as the Head of the Children’s Department that you are proud of? One of my proudest achievements so far has been starting our Minecraft Mondays club. When I started working here I knew I really wanted to offer some programming for older children. We have lots of different storytimes and programming options for preschoolers, kindergarteners, and early elementary students but not as much specifically for children ages 8 – 11, who are too young for our teen programming. The club has been challenging but very rewarding as well – we’ve overcome all sorts of technical issues and made lots of new Minecraft friends! Please name a picture book that you’ve recently read that surprised you. What was surprising about it? I was recently surprised by the picturebook Gaston by Kelly DiPucchio, which is about two very different dog families. I don’t want to give away the surprise (I hate spoilers!) so I’ll just say I enjoyed that this is a book about being yourself! What’s your favorite part of working in Derry? Definitely the people! I get to work with some amazing coworkers and assist wonderful patrons—children and adults alike! Tell us something you enjoy doing outside of work. It’s probably obvious that I love reading, so I won’t talk about that! I really enjoy playing games—I like all kinds: video games, board games, tabletop roleplaying games, card games, you name it! I usually meet with a group of friends once a week to play games together. We heard you have an adorable cat. Tell us more! I do! Ursula is eight years old and weighs about 9 pounds—she’s tiny! She’s a sassy gal who loves fish and chicken, sunbathing, chasing lasers, and snuggling (usually when I’m trying to read!). I love coming home after work to find her waiting for me and greeting me with meows and kisses! I actually have a tattoo of Ursula on my arm that is a reminder of her unconditional love and acceptance.
Here’s a photo of Ursula the cat.
Fun fact: I didn’t actually name her after Ursula from Disney’s The Little Mermaid (though she is one of my favorite villains). When I got her as a kitten, I was trying to come up with the perfect name and she walked across my laptop. The first letter she stepped on was “U,” so I started thinking of names that started with “U.” I am really interested in name meanings, so I wanted something that would suit her. The name “Ursula” means “little bear” and I had a dog named “Bear” at the time!  It also comes from Latin, which I studied in college, so it was perfect! Even though she’s tiny, she’s fierce like a bear!  Okay—now for the really important questions! One word answers, please.  Unicorn or liger? UNICORN!!!!!  Soup or salad?  Salad Video games or board games?  Board games Candy Land or Chutes and Ladders?  Chutes and Ladders  Who is scarier: Lord Voldemort (Harry Potter) or The Grand High Witch (The Witches)?  He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named!  Favorite genre?  Fantasy  Author you just can’t get enough of these days?  Jonathan Auxier An alien just landed and she wants to know the best thing about the library. In one sentence, what do you tell her? The library is one of the best places on this entire planet (that we call “Earth”) because it has so many wonderful FREE things you can use here or take home, like books, movies, music, games, toys, and the internet! I think that’s all! Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions. Readers, if you’d like to ask Miss Nicole a question, let us know in the comments below. Thank you! I’m happy to answer any more questions to have for me! 🙂 Tune in on Thursday for a recap of our after school program “Clouds that Look Like Spilt Milk.” We’ll be doing a fun cloud craft and using our imaginations. Join us at 3:30pm on March 26th and YOU could be featured in our blog!

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