Meet Your Librarian: Miss Courtney

22108649193_b3cb2eb4b1_k Hi, Miss Courtney! We’re so glad to have this chance to learn more about you and what you do. Can you please remind us of your job here in the Children’s Department and when you started working here? I am a Children’s Librarian. I have been working at the Derry Public Library since 2011.  What is something you’ve done at the Derry Public Library that you’re particularly proud of? I am proud of the new bookbags! I had the opportunity to design and color each of the new bags. I’m pretty happy with how they came out, especially “Mermaids,” “Cats,” and “Birthday.”  What is your favorite book to read or favorite activity to do at your Baby Laptime program? One of my very favorite books to read at my storytime for babies is “A Good Day,” by Kevin Henkes. It shows that the things that cause a bad day might end up being good, after all.  And I love the illustrations! We do lots of bounces, rhymes, and fingerplays in Baby Laptime; it’s hard to choose one that is my favorite. We’re assuming you’ve been a reader for life. So, what was your favorite book when you were ten years old? And if you haven’t always loved reading, what changed your mind? My favorite books when I was 10 were from the Little House series. I loved Laura, and learning about how her family overcame the many hardships that came with homesteading on the prairie in the 1800s. I also had the American Girl doll Kirsten and ALL her books, which I read multiple times. Her family was also homesteading on the prairie, but to make things more difficult, she was from Sweden and had to make the long trek across the ocean (and then across the Great Lakes) to get to her new home. I loved (and still love!) historical fiction that had to do with survival, and making something out of nothing.                 When you’re not at the Derry Public Library, where are we most likely to find you? Please share something you like to do outside of work.  At home, baking something yummy or trying to figure out my new sewing machine. I also love playing with my daughter, who is a year-and-a-half old. She keeps me very busy! Okay—now for the really important questions! One word answers, please.  :) Penguins or parakeets? Penguins.  Laffy Taffy or a Milky Way? Milky Way (but I still do like Laffy Taffy!). A hike in the woods or a day in the city? Hike in the woods…unless it’s the holidays. Then a day in the city seems magical! Candy Land or Chutes and Ladders?  Candy Land. Who is scarier: Lord Voldemort (Harry Potter) or The Grand High Witch (The Witches)? Lord Voldemort is probably the more evil of the two, but have you SEEN the movie based on The Witches? Because that Grand High Witch is TERRIFYING. Favorite genre? I love historical fiction! Fantasy is another favorite. Author you just can’t get enough of these days? I just finished Book 2 in the Underland Chronicles series by Suzanne Collins. It has me hooked! An alien just landed and she wants to know the best thing about the library. In one sentence, what do you tell her? The best the about the library is that ANYONE can go (even aliens). I think that’s all! Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions. Readers, if you’d like to ask Miss Courtney a question, post it in the comment section!

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