Lindsay and her Puppet Pals and Toto the Tornado Kitten

This past Tuesday we enjoyed a visit from our favorite puppeteer, Lindsay! She amazes us every year with her incredible perfomances and out-of-this-world puppets. This year was no different. As you can see from the happy faces in the photos below, this year’s show was another hit! Thanks to Lindsay for sharing this great program with us. Today (Thursday) we were very excited to welcome Toto, the real-life cat that survived a tornado! Toto’s owner, Jonathan Hall, is a paramedic and author. He came and read his books about his fantastic cat, and then all who visited got a chance to pet and snuggle with Toto. Jonathan and Toto are true animal rescue heroes: not only did Jonathan rescue Toto by adopting him when he was just a wee kitten, but 100% of the proceeds from Toto’s books go to animal rescue groups in the Boston area. Check out the photos below. It was a real treat to have a library cat (if only for an hour or two)! We can’t wait to see these two again! Don’t forget to come back to the library next week for a visit from the Humane Society of Greater Derry on Tuesday, and an awesome test-your-knowledge Hercules program with Miss Kathryn on Thursday. Thanks to all who are making this year’s Summer Reading Program a great success!

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