Learn about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

This Monday, January 18th, we’ll be celebrating Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. Though the library will be closed, we encourage you to come in on Friday or Saturday to check out one of our many resources to spark some dinner table conversation with your family about the legacy of one of the most famous heroes of the civil rights movement. —-All books featured below are available at the Derry Public Library—- I HAVE A DREAM by Kadir Nelson Words by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Oil paintings by Kadir Nelson. This striking picture book re-creates the March on Washington, using mostly the last few paragraph’s of Dr. King’s famous speech. Audio CD of the speech is available with the book. Non-fiction. Call #: 323.072 kim.   By Rebecca Rissman. Uses photographs, timelines, and other visual tools to introduce the historical background of the holiday. Useful for discussions of why we celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr. Non-fiction. Call #: 394.261 rir.   By Diane McWhorter. Gives context to the civil rights movement, describing the “monumental” events between 1954 and the death of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in 1968. Non-fiction. Call #: 323.1 McWhorter, D.   By Angela Bull. A biography of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. written for elementary readers. Only 48 pages but packed with great info and bold photographs. Early Reader. Call #: EZR BUL (Pink). By Andrea Davis Pinkney. Not specifically about Martin Luther King, Jr., but instead a celebration of the Woolworth’s lunch counter sit-in–a peaceful protest that became a “defining moment” for the civil rights movement. Non-fiction. Call # 323.1196 Pinkney, A. By Cynthia Y. Levinson. A fascinating photo essay about a little-known children’s march in Birmingham, in which nearly 2,500 children were jailed. Great discussion-starter about the civil rights movement. Non-fiction. Call#: YA 323.1196 lec.        

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