February Vacation

We just love looking at all those beautiful hearts up on our window! They really brighten up the room and bring cheer to an otherwise gray month. Has your child been in this month to decorate our window? Bring them by during vacation week and check out some of the other activities we have at the same time: * We’ve got three performances of our winter puppet show happening this week! * Drop-in crafting * Free family movie event! * All of your favorite morning and evening storytimes * Books, books, books! Try checking out something you wouldn’t normally read this week. We’ve got loads of cool non-fiction books for children of all ages (cookbooks, games, animals, poetry, history, folktales…give them a try!). For a list of all of our vacation events, click the “February Vacation” link on the menu above, or click here!  
Library hearts
Clifford stares longingly at the park. Maybe he wishes someone would take him for a walk!

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