Critters and Creatures: Heroes and Villains!

What a great time we had this afternoon learning about all kinds of real-life animal “heroes” and “villains.” Who would have thought that a bunny could be a villain (for eating up our gardens), and a cockroach could be a hero (for helping clean the forest floor)! Children were able to see a live ferret, hedgehog, ball python, fruit bat, three-banded armadillo, and giant hissing cockroaches. It was exciting to see these creatures up-close and personal!   Don’t forget to join us next week for the LAST week of Summer Reading 2015! We’ll have a Superbug program on Tuesday at 1:30, a Fairy Tale Ball at 6:00 pm on Thursday, and our big summer send-off party on Friday at 1:30. At the final party there will be TONS to do: Giant Candy Land, a duck pond for prizes, ice cream from Moo’s, and we’ll announce the winners of the Summer Reading raffles! Don’t miss these awesome events. 🙂

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